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Georgina Lillywhite Designs
Fingerprint Keepsake Jewellery Handcrafted in West Sussex

What I do

I​​​​ live near the beautiful South Downs in the village of Lower Beeding south of Horsham and only 20 minutes from Brightofor myself.  Facts and figures were not really my passion but arts and crafts are.

As my husband's business grew and he took on more help  I was finally released from my responsibilities and I took a courswith my husband Dan, daughter Beth and  Honey my fluffly Lhasa Apso.

Following the birth of Beth 12 years ago I gave up my full time job to help my husband grow his business but needed something e using precious metal clay and learnt how to use the product to produce fabulous pieces of jewellery that capture fingerprints, hand and footprints and even pet paw prints.

I then realised with some careful practice and dedication I could turn my ideas in to stunning pieces of 

You will often find my stall at local craft and artisan shopping events.
T​his is Jasper and Honey.  Unfortunately Jasper passed away earlier this year at the grand old age of 14.

In May we aquired Monty who was 7 months old when he arrived.  He has settle in well and Honey and Monty are great friends now.

Honey loves to bask in the sun outside my studio overlooking the fields of South Lodge Hotel watching the pheasants and rabbits.  

She adores children especially if they are eating biscuits as they will hoover up all the crumbs.

The wavy heart paw print pendant was produced using a print from Honey and the bookmark from Honey and Jasper's paw prints.

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